Monday, April 11, 2011

Motivational Mondays

Monday afternoons and/or evenings will now be the day for me to get motivated, informed, and more "networked" with my "Silpada Sisters."  Tonight I met some really fun, positive and motivating women (some were downright hilarious).  It dawned on me why I'd gotten myself into a business like this, signing on to be an independent sterling silver jewelry rep on March 28th: The camaraderie.  It reminds me of the same camaraderie I felt being a part of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure Walk. 

So I learned something new about myself I didn't realize or recognize.  Apparently, I seem to give off a first impression of "quiet sweetness".  I'll take that as a compliment.  (I was also told that the best thing I could wear was my smile...hmmm, I must be happy with what I'm doing because it has caused me to smile more than usual.)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am pretty outgoing and approachable...A people person who gets pumped up, inspired and rejuvenated by real people who are making, working towards and/or achieving their goals.

I thrive on positivity and wilt in negativity.  The energy others give off seems to infect me, for better or for worse.  That's why I'm striving to place myself in environments that are positive, uplifting, inspiring, enjoyable and even challenging (but in a good way).  Positivity is contagious and it's something I want to catch more of.

So, I now look forward to either spending time during the kids' afternoon naps listening to talks/training I can find online or going out for a couple hours Monday evenings to meet and network with other like-minded women thinking about, interested in or already on board with the Silpada Designs way.

Mondays are now officially my Motivational Days of the week!!  

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