Thursday, May 26, 2011

My First Hostess Turned First Recruit Tiffany Will Launch Her Silpada Biz Tomorrow!

I am SO Uber (sp?) Excited about Tiffany Barroga's Launch Party this Friday from 5-10 p.m. at Jake's on 6th in Hillcrest.  She is gonna rock this business!!  I hope that all family, friends, co-workers and even strangers who meet Tiffany tomorrow night at Jake's will support her by placing a Silpada Designs Jewelry order on her website or at her launch party, by booking a home or catalog show with Tiffany, or by giving her referrals of someone who may be interested in the business opportunity.  Don't miss this's gonna be a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sharing the Silpada Designs Business Opportunity with Confidence!

I love what I do.  I love the jewelry I now wear (and earn for free!).  I love my flexible work schedule.  I love the sociality of my business.  I love the chance to grow personally and professionally.  I love my current income (and my income potential).  I love to party!!!  Most of all, I love that I can enjoy the privilege of being home with my kids to teach, explore, enjoy, and play with them.  I am sure that in some future day I'll find my way back into my other love: teaching or training.  For now, I'll stay put and enjoy spending my days teaching at home and my nights helping women increase their self-confidence by wearing beautiful jewelry, getting their friends together and earning jewelry for free, or starting their own business as a Silpada Designs Independent Sales Rep!  Curious?  Interested?  Get in touch.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Three and a half weeks into my new business

So, I've had 3 Silpada jewelry parties since I signed up three and a half weeks ago.  Once I submit the orders tomorrow from the last 2 parties, I will have recuperated a little more than $750 of the $940 I initially invested in my business.  My goal was to earn back in one month what I'd initially invested.  After next weekend with two more parties, I believe I will have made my goal.

I also learned this week that two friends will be joining my Silpada team so I will have my first two recruits.  When my recruits become Silpada Reps, I'll begin to earn override commission on their sales...very cool!  Also, once I recruit a third person, I will be well on my way to earning a trip at the end of my first year as a Rep.  I can barely take credit for my first new recruits.  The jewelry, the company and the business opportunity speak for themselves.

Anyway, I need to start checking out again what it is I'd like to order next since I should be reaching some free jewelry incentive rewards for new Reps by the end of this week/month.  I'll get $600 in free jewelry rewards for the month of April...woohoo!

Besides all of this business/money talk, I just want to mention how great it is to be interacting with, meeting, and becoming friends with new people this past month.  I feel very blessed, fortunate, and lucky to know, to get to know better and to solidify both past and present relationships with such wonderful people.  My friendships, old and new, are what enrich my life.  Personally and within my family, I see beautiful things happening because of such relationships.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fab-YOU-lous Friday at Tiffany's

So, I had my first party with Tiffany B. as my hostess. It was great to visit and get to know her family and friends better.  The desserts were soooo yummy: cupcakes, "kitchen sink" cookies (her mom's mom's recipe named because it has everything in it except the kitchen sink!), Dove chocolates, Doritos, peanuts and Sunny-D (my first time drinking it, too).  Mmmm...snack and dessert heaven!  Tiffany was the perfect hostess.  She read everything in her packet and filled out her hostess wish list beforehand, got a couple of orders before her party, tried on and then wore a piece of jewelry during the evening and encouraged everyone else to do the same, browsed the catalog with her friends, passed out my business cards, and stayed in the same room as the jewelry display.  We mostly just enjoyed each other's  company getting to know each other, telling and listening to stories about each other...a great and relaxing evening, a lovely ladies' night!  :)  I love what I do!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Motivational Mondays

Monday afternoons and/or evenings will now be the day for me to get motivated, informed, and more "networked" with my "Silpada Sisters."  Tonight I met some really fun, positive and motivating women (some were downright hilarious).  It dawned on me why I'd gotten myself into a business like this, signing on to be an independent sterling silver jewelry rep on March 28th: The camaraderie.  It reminds me of the same camaraderie I felt being a part of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure Walk. 

So I learned something new about myself I didn't realize or recognize.  Apparently, I seem to give off a first impression of "quiet sweetness".  I'll take that as a compliment.  (I was also told that the best thing I could wear was my smile...hmmm, I must be happy with what I'm doing because it has caused me to smile more than usual.)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am pretty outgoing and approachable...A people person who gets pumped up, inspired and rejuvenated by real people who are making, working towards and/or achieving their goals.

I thrive on positivity and wilt in negativity.  The energy others give off seems to infect me, for better or for worse.  That's why I'm striving to place myself in environments that are positive, uplifting, inspiring, enjoyable and even challenging (but in a good way).  Positivity is contagious and it's something I want to catch more of.

So, I now look forward to either spending time during the kids' afternoon naps listening to talks/training I can find online or going out for a couple hours Monday evenings to meet and network with other like-minded women thinking about, interested in or already on board with the Silpada Designs way.

Mondays are now officially my Motivational Days of the week!!  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

UnLocking My Jewelry Box it is.  My FIRST BLOG EVER in my BEST YEAR EVER.  I decided to make one so I'd have a place to record my first 100 days as a WAHM...a work at home mommy.

The title of my first blog post is "unlocking my jewelry box".  Let me explain...So, I have this beautiful brown wooden jewelry box that I inherited.  It has been sitting in my closet on the top shelf in a corner.  I've left it unopened and unexplored, "Locked" you might say, for several years now.  For a long while it held on to the past...sentimental, tender, sweet...memories mostly, it held...someone else's experiences kept well.  Well, I recently "unlocked" that box.  I read the letters, looked at the photos and touched the pieces of jewelry.  These were letters written by another.  Photos taken by or of another.  Pieces of jewelry worn by another.  They belonged to my mother.

Unlocking the box and the past were gentle reminders of another time, place, life and person.  They are good reminders.  However, I realized that it was time to take that box and add to it, fill it and keep it open.

Now that I've unlocked my jewelry box, it can and will serve another purpose.  This time, it will be a place to hold new memories, new photos, new jewelry.  Memories I am making with my own children, photos I am taking or I am in with my family and friends, jewelry I am wearing and sharing.

This jewelry box will hold MY hopes and dreams, both realized and not yet realized.  I will open it often.  I will add to it.  I will share it.  I will fill it.  I will treasure it.  It will represent the present and the future more,  and the past less.

Ten days ago, I became an independent sales rep for Silpada Designs.  Why?  Because I love my children and don't want to miss out on their milestones.  I want to be home with them and out and about in our great city with them.  Because I love all things silver; I've never been that into gold (unless it is white gold...because, well, then it looks like silver!)  Because I love traveling (you see, being a rep for this company provides travel rewards that I can't wait to earn).  Because I also love meeting new people, rubbing shoulders with talented and interesting and fun personalities with positive energy.  Because I want to have the means to provide great experiences and future memories for the little people and the big people in my life!

One week ago, I had my launch party.  It was so symbolic of my present and my future.  I was surrounded by the people in my life who have shared their energy, experiences, friendship, love and faith in and with me.  We celebrated my 35th birthday in style.  We played dress up with the sterling silver pieces I now love.  We talked, visited, enjoyed delicious food and drink in a great atmosphere.  A friend of one of my friend's who came to the party shared with me a story that really inspired me.  She told me of a cousin who started her jewelry business with Silpada four years ago and just recently put down 40% on the mortgage of their new home.  It was inspiring because I do hope for a future in which my children have a family home to call their own because we WILL own and not borrow (a.k.a. rent) a home in some future day.

Today, I am wearing fabulous jewelry, some of which I've purchased and many more I've already earned (as a hostess and now as a rep).  I have recuperated 1/4 of the investment I made to start my business just 10 days after signing up.  I have a couple of new friends I just met last week.  I have 5 parties scheduled.  I still have my mommy time carved out with my family!  Who could ask for anything more?!?!    

Check out my new Silpada website and/or send me an email

I'd be more than happy to help you unlock your jewelry box, too!