Sunday, April 24, 2011

Three and a half weeks into my new business

So, I've had 3 Silpada jewelry parties since I signed up three and a half weeks ago.  Once I submit the orders tomorrow from the last 2 parties, I will have recuperated a little more than $750 of the $940 I initially invested in my business.  My goal was to earn back in one month what I'd initially invested.  After next weekend with two more parties, I believe I will have made my goal.

I also learned this week that two friends will be joining my Silpada team so I will have my first two recruits.  When my recruits become Silpada Reps, I'll begin to earn override commission on their sales...very cool!  Also, once I recruit a third person, I will be well on my way to earning a trip at the end of my first year as a Rep.  I can barely take credit for my first new recruits.  The jewelry, the company and the business opportunity speak for themselves.

Anyway, I need to start checking out again what it is I'd like to order next since I should be reaching some free jewelry incentive rewards for new Reps by the end of this week/month.  I'll get $600 in free jewelry rewards for the month of April...woohoo!

Besides all of this business/money talk, I just want to mention how great it is to be interacting with, meeting, and becoming friends with new people this past month.  I feel very blessed, fortunate, and lucky to know, to get to know better and to solidify both past and present relationships with such wonderful people.  My friendships, old and new, are what enrich my life.  Personally and within my family, I see beautiful things happening because of such relationships.

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